Wednesday, 3 September 2008

SharePoint "Thread was being aborted"

"Thread was being aborted" while enabling Full-text indexing.

This is one of those little known areas of SharePoint, I can think of only to reason that you will come across this message, first is where you have a large SharePoint farm and you are enabling fulltext search for the first time/re-enabling it and the second is if you are enabling it on very slow hardware.

Are to actions you can follow to try to resolve this first is to do the following steps.

On the SQL server stop and start the:
"Microsoft Search service" and "MSSQLServer service"
then open SQL Query Analyzer and for each content database run:

exec proc_DisableFullTextSearch
exec proc_EnableFullTextSearch

This enables the FTS outside of Sharepoint. After these steps are performed, Sharepoint must still be configured to show the search box.
To do this, check the enable full-text indexing component in the central admin.

If the error still occures, increase the time-out value for the Central Admin site.
This can be done by increasing the "executionTimeout" value (default 600 seconds) in the web.config in
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\60\TEMPLATE\ADMIN\1033

The line you are looking for is (httpRuntime executionTimeout="600") as you can see the default is 10minutes I had to reset this to 4 hours on one SharePoint farm where the content was over 1TB

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