Saturday, 16 May 2009

Going Green

Most companies don't have any form of energy policy yet covering computers and there operation, a few companies have basic policy of turning off the workstation however this is just a start, and most employees don't follow it closely.

So here is how to begin, you can improve the energy rating of your network.

Consolidation of servers coupled with cloud computing is an affective way to reduce power consumption by reducing the number physical devices but this isn't all you can do.

So I'm going to save you sometime and give you a few points where you can make changes to reduce the energy consumption of your network.

consider replacing all older hardware with more energy efficient hardware such as stolid state drives for laptops, where possible replace workstations with solid stat drives or change over to terminal based sessions as this negates the need for local drives and reduces memory requirement thus saving energy and also offers better security as there is no data stored locally if the workstation is stolen.

Disable all but the most basic of screen savers as this heavy graphical application increasing the load on the graphic card CPU and boost the energy consumption.

Allow inactive devices, laptops and workstations to sleep or hibernate by policy.

In the server farms enabling dynamic processor switching can also save a large amount of energy as few of us use the CPU at 90% all of the time.

Consolidate switches and disable inactive ports for both power and security reasons.

If all these points are followed you could lower the total energy consumption by 30 to 40 percent.

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