Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Big Data Means Less Workers ?

Now we might all have heard about big data, but for some 90% of people, this means?
Well based on what I hear from people when I ask them people think DNA research or understanding space or NSA and CIA thanks to spying one the public.

Amazingly almost no one has heard of or even knows about IBM Watson  and that's a little bit of a shames as an example of what big data can do is never better than Doctor Watson.

Now Watson because has access to all the information both medical and drug-related has a higher than your GP success for diagnosis and treatment and think about it, he doesn't need sleep and learns all the current medical practices in real time so is never working without of data information.

So this I think is a great medical tool but let's explore this for a moment in other fields, Architecture, Electronics Design, Tax and Government workflows, IT Support, Clothing and much more.
All of these need many things to be known and change over time and because of the complexities are hard to master but with big data intelligence this is no longer an issue as all of that information can be on hand at once.

So let's give an example TDP is too high for your next model of laptop because engineer overlooked something, this results in a product recall with big data this could have been prevented.

With clothing the colour runs because of the kind of dye that is used and you need to set the label correctly, this could be done without checking by big data.

IT support and Government follows workflows that will get you the end result this could be done by big data without the need for humans.

Some of you are by now starting to think so what jobs are left as many of these things are done by humans would no longer be needed.  Well, it's not all bad news, first of all, computers still can't create something new so we need people to think of new things.
Second computers still can't interact with people very well so for that face to face time we need people.

What big data is good for is understanding complex things better and avoiding human mistakes that happen when things are overlooked.

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