Saturday, 24 March 2007

Things to remember when installing a windows operating system

Don’t forget about the foot print.... Windows XP Pro SP2 with all hotfix’s applied comes in at about 3Gb and that is before you have any other programs and you have the Pagefile to think of.
Remember is double the size of the RAM to if you’ve 4Gb on your PC that’s a 8Gb Pagefile so this brings my workstation to 11Gb before I even install office and if your installing office 2007 that’s another 1.5Gb so call it 13Gb to be safe, remember things like this when picking you system partition size.

In a server environment if you can you want to have a minimum of a RAID 1 set for the OS ideally RAID 5 as you never know when you might want to increase the size of your OS by a few gigabytes, RAID 5 for your data and when working in a data sensitive environment like banks or government agency where data cannot afford to be lost RAID 10 is the recommended this is like having two RAID 5 arrays that are mirroring one another meaning you would have to lose a minimum 2 drives from each mirror and 4 drives in total to stand a chance of losing anything, the chances of having this many faults at the same time are extremely unlikely, you can look up the Mean Time Between Failure to calculate the odds, just to give you some idea you have better odds of winning the lottery 4 time in a row that you do of this happening, but there is still a chance and this doesn’t protect your data from corruption or human error so you still need to look at backing it up somehow.

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