Sunday, 18 March 2007

Types of Data Loss Events

Here are some very important things to conceder when choosing your backup and restore technologies that there is more than one kind of data loss and each has its own unique problem, human error is by far the hardest one to protect against and the most likely one to happen, you can control the data input by validating the date where possible and remove the option to delete data from all except managers.

Intentional Action
1) Intentional deletion of a file or program
2) Unintentional Action
3) Accidental deletion of a file or program
4) Misplacement of CDs or floppies
5) Administration errors

1) Power failure, resulting in data in volatile memory not being saved to permanent memory.
2) Hardware failure, such as a head crash in a hard disk.
3) A software crash or freeze, resulting in data not being saved.
4) Software bugs or poor usability, such as not confirming a file delete command.
5) Data corruption, such as file system corruption or database corruption.

1) Fire, earthquake, flood, tornado, etc.

2) Theft, hacking, sabotage, etc.
3) A malicious act, such as a worm, virus, hacker or theft of physical media.

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