Saturday, 29 September 2007

Clustering DHCP

If you have your cluster built already and you plan to run DHCP it on the cluster you will need to perform these steps

If the DHCP server was not on the cluster before then you will need to move the DHCP to the Cluster this will be covered in Moving DHCP in the pervious posting for the export and import routine.

You will need to install DHCP on all the server in the cluster that you want to run it on so please follow these steps.
Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Add or Remove Programs.
Click Add/Remove Windows Components.
In the Windows Component Wizard, click Networking Services in the Components box, and then click Details.
Click to select the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) check box if it is not already selected, and then click OK.
In the Windows Components Wizard, click Next to install the selected components.
Insert theWindows Server 2003 CD into your computer CD drive or DVD drive if you are prompted to do this.
Setup copies the DHCP server and tool files to your computer.
When Setup is complete, click Finish.

Checking the configuration.
Click Start, click then Control Panel, then click Administrative Tools, and double click Cluster Administrator.
Expand the Groups and then Cluster Group if DHCP_Resource is present then you are done.

If DHCP_Resource is not present you may create it by right click, New, enter the name DHCP_Resource and the resource type DHCP Service and the Cluster Group Name, then click Next, now Add the servers in the cluster you want this to run on and click Next. You will need to enter the path of the DHCP database files, this need to be on the cluster disk so all server can see it in this example E drive
Enter this path for Database, Audit and Backup path and click Finish.

Now right click on your new resource and click Set resource online.
Now click Start, click Control Panel, and click Administrate Tools, double click on DHCP Administrator and create your scope.

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