Saturday, 20 October 2007

To Promote or Demote a Server to a Domain controller

To Promote a Server to a Domain controller you will need to carry out the following:

Click Start, select RunThen Type DCPROMO.EXE Press Enter

You will then be presented with the Active Directory Installation Wizard Window:

Click Next.You will then be presented with the following window:

Select “Additional domain controller for and existing domain”
Click Next.

In the Network Credentials window enter the username and password for a Domain Admin in the domain you're trying to join. Also enter the full DNS domain name.
Click Next.

Note: This step might take some time because the computer is searching for the DNS server.
Although the wizard will let you get to the last window and begin to attempt to join the domain, if you enter the wrong username or password, because of the wrong credentials you'll get an error message:

If you enter the domain name in a wrong way you'll get an error message:

In the Additional Domain Controller window type or browse to select the domain to which you want to add the additional DC.

The location of the files is by default %systemroot%\NTDS, and you shouldn't change it unless you have performance issues in mind. Click Next.

The default location of the files is %systemroot%\SYSVOL, and you shouldn't change it .
This folder must be on an NTFS v5.0 partition. This folder will hold all the GPO and scripts you'll create, and will be replicated to all other Domain Controllers.

Click Next.
Enter the Restore Mode administrator's password. You will need this password if you ever need to restore the AD.

Click Next.
You will now be presented with a Summary Screen where you can review your details. If all looks correct click next.

The server will now go through the process of configuring and setting up AD. This can take some time so be patient. You should never click cancel when the server is going through this process, as it can cause serious problems on the server.

If all went well you'll see the final confirmation window.

Click Finish.

You must reboot in order for the AD to function properly.

Click Restart now.

Demoting a Domain Controller
Click Start, select and click on Run, type dcpromo, and then click OK.

This starts the Active Directory Installation Wizard. Click Next.

There is a check box in the Remove Active Directory screen.

If this computer is the last domain controller in the domain, click to select the check box. Otherwise, click Next.

In the next screen, set the password for the administrator account on the server after Active Directory is removed. Type the appropriate password in the Password and Confirm Password boxes, made note of this Password and then click Next.

In the Summary screen, review and confirm the options you selected, and then click Next.

The wizard begins the process of removing Active Directory from the server. After the process is finished, a message indicates that Active Directory was removed from the computer.

Click Finish to quit the wizard.
Restart the computer.

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