Tuesday, 19 February 2008

MOSS 2007

This week I was asked why do i have such bad speed on my Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 sites, I took a quick look and i see that it was running with over 4TB on the SAN with 2 node SQL cluster and a 5 node Web farm 3 webfacing and 2 index servers, at first didn't sound so bad. Till I found out this the cluster was running just 2 instances both over 2TB with only two 2GB/s one port cards to the SAN, in case you didn't know for that amount of data you should have six or more dual port 4GB/s cards.

Next the 5 node web farm was all VMware guest servers, this is not a bad thing but you have to make sure the VMware server hardware is up to it processor and RAM and also if connected to the SAN enough I/O to it on the cards.
So here are some tips to keep your service running nice and slick.

I've put them by the level of impact they will have one your servers.

Backup/Restore/DR - Impact Level Low
Fix content databases max size to max 100GB for backup/recovery issues.

Database and I/O - Impact Level Medium
Set database growth to 512Mb not 10% to stop large growth of databases of over 8GB in one go.

Index servers - Impact Level High
MOSS 2007 Enterprise Edition for search as Standard Edition is limited to 500,000 items in the content index. Enterprise Edition has no limit.

Security review - Impact Level Medium
Application pools and SharePoint service accounts to be reviewed for security risks - these accounts should not be domain admins as this will pose a security risk.

SQL Instance sizing/SAN fiber channels - Impact Level High
Limit the SQL instance size to no more than 1TB per instance where possible to avoid large instance fall over causing large number of site being affected while fall over takes place and I/O over head of large number of databases, think about using a 64bit cluster with 2005 SQL as your backend.

VM performance - Impact Level High
Start planning VMware server farms and performance needs .Your server needs to meet these minimum hardware requirements in order to install SharePoint. Dual-processor computer with at least 2.5 GHz processors. Minimum 1GB of RAM, but 2GB of RAM is recommended. If you intend to run SharePoint on multiple servers, you may need to beef up hardware on each server. Microsoft recommends 4GB for MOSS 2007 application servers.

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