Thursday, 20 March 2008

IIS6 Optimized

In lager environments you can load balance your web farm and can most likely just add another server where needed but in smaller farms this can be a cost issue, so here are some tips on getting the best out of your IIS box also these tips apply to SharePoint so those of you using SharePoint Services might want to take note too.

1) Under the System Properties change the performance options for Processor scheduling to Background services and Memory usage to System cache, this will improve the performance of services like IIS but on servers running citrix and other programs that run on top of the server is is not recommended as the sessions will slow down.

2) split the page file across logical partitions, move the I/O over the drives to prevent bottlenecks in paging.

3) On the network cards set: Maximize data throughput for network applications. this will make the system cache bigger.

4) Configure the worker process to be recycled after consuming a set amount of memory or number of connections under each application pool. This will prevent both the pool from taking up to much memory and also stop the pool from hanging as its too large to recycle.

This simple steps will help your system remain stable and keep IIS running longer without problems, but in the long run i would recommend looking to an active/active cluster with windows network load balancing

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