Tuesday, 28 April 2015

What is Metadata

Recently i've heard somethings in the news about we only keep metadata and I couldn't help myself and said well more people don't know what metadata is so lets explain to people what its is.

Well very first thing to understand is that Metadata has more than one type structural metadata, about the design and specification of data structures or "data about the containers of data" and descriptive metadata about individual instances of application data or the data content.

So lets look at some real world examples of those, well lets say that structural metadata in relation to something like a song, the metadata there could be the year it was made who was the artist and length of the song.
Now same song with descriptive metadata could be the year and artist as before but it might also have the music sheet data and the lyric or even sample of the track.

What you might now be thinking what kind of data is being kept on people, well there are only two kinds and no matter what they tell you there are only two and one of them is descriptive metadata.
And the second is the data its self, what is more scary is the use of metadata in this way as links can be make that aren't there such as you went to the same school as that person or you worked in the same company and other no direct links and equally data with only part recordings are just as dangerous, how many of us have said in a frustrated moment i could kill someone? doesn't follow that we did or in fact would, its a figure of speech.

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