Friday, 9 September 2016

Installing Software Remotely Using Powershell

If you have Powershell on your network it might be time to make use of it, now I am not saying replace the psexec if you have been using it, as that is still a great tool, and on large networks with servers both with and without Powershell its sometimes the best way.

Nevertheless if your one of the lucky few with only a new network, this is how you can use PowerShell to do that nice installer thing I once showed on ps execs.

First you will need to make sure both the server and client should have powershell installed.
And psremoting enabled.

Start PowerShell as administrator and fire below command.


Now you might want to do this quickly using psexec

psexec \\[computer name] -u [admin account name] -p [admin account password] -h -d powershell.exe "enable-psremoting -force"

You can also replace "\\[computer name]" with an IP address, or even "@C:\[path]\list.txt to automatically enable psRemoting on a big list of computers
With PSRemoting enabled you can run scripts remotely on any computer that you wish.

For example:

Invoke-Command -Command {\\servershare\Softwares\Setup.exe /parameter:01 /parameter 2 } -computerName (Get-Content "c:\webservers.txt")

Or you can go one step more and create the list of computers dynamically using the active directory.

Invoke-Command -command { dir } -computerName ( Get-ADComputer -filter * -searchBase “ou=Web,dc=company,dc=pri” | Select-Object -expand Name )

This is where the power over psexec starts as you can use objects in active directory to determine where to install the software.

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