Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Restoring the Windows Installer

If you didn't know this already is a bad idea to delete files from the windows installer folder.
The reason for this is when applying windows updates window will often look to compare the previous version and if those files are missing the patch will fail to install.

Chances are you know this already if you are reading this.

Now the question is how can you fix it... well I'm here to tell you there is no easy way.
you will need to download all the install media and extract all the service packs and hotfixes that are missing, this is not so hard.

then you need to copy the correct one into the windows installer folder with the right name.
This is where a PowerShell script that from Ahmad Adel Gad might just save you allot of time.

This will tell you what package are missing and when pointed to the media copy it to the Windows installer folder for you with the correct names.

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